Chairman's Message  

Dear Parents,

I extend warm greetings and best wishes to all members of the Hanifa family.
As we reminiscence about the growth of the Hanifa family, we are filled with pride and joy that our school parents have always extended incredible support to the faculty and the students. A firm parent-teacher partnership is always important for a strong academic pursuit and the effective building of the character of young minds. We must be conscious of the fact that the common interest of the teachers and the parents is giving best to the child.
‘Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world.’ Today the concept of education has undergone a revolutionary change. It is no longer limited to the mere learning of books and scoring a high percentage. Modern education aims at the all round development of the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and aesthetic aspects of students which they can acquire both from teachers and parents.

Education is considered as the means of developing the innate qualities of a person and preparing lives for life.
Hanifa School was founded by my late father Yunus Fazlani with the Vision and Motto: “Fostering the spirit of joyful learning”.

Your continued support and co-operation will help us grow from strength to strength and will enable us to maintain the high level of professionalism at Hanifa.

Let us work together to fulfill the dream of every father, the same dream that my father dreamt.

Faisal Fazlani
School Management Committee

Principal's Message  

A silent revolution is taking place at Hanifa School. It’s a school that defines learning and knowledge not by 60 minutes of seat time, or hours spent on a project, but by what is experienced, created, and communicated. The stress is more on the feel factor rather than on rote.

Education at Hanifa is about creating knowledge, analysing information, and evaluating both. It’s about understanding a world in which connections and communicating with others is at the foundation of how our students learn. We allow them the space to create their own knowledge not from just what a teacher tells them, but rather from what they read, listen to, and watch. A teacher at Hanifa is a Guide by the Side, much like the tour guide who arranges the trip, but allows the travelers to experience the trip.
As guide our teachers need time to plan out the route, book the trip, and make sure the experience is available to their students. We at Hanifa are constantly rethinking the school – so that we can make the learning much more enjoyable and less messy.

Harinder Dhillon

Vision & Mission  

The vision of the school is to develop educated, responsible citizens who are excited about life–long learning and contribute positively to society. In pursuit of this vision, the school is committed to:

» Provide all students with quality educational programs.
» Provide a safe and secure environment where students enjoy learning.
» Address the aspirations and abilities of all students.
» Nurture innovative thinking and creativity.
» Provide opportunities to demonstrate the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship.

Through a safe, stimulating and positive environment, provide individualized education that addresses students' unique learning styles, cultivates independent thinking, and promotes the building of character, enabling the students to contribute to their communities in meaningful and positive ways.

" Provide exposure to become open minded global citizens "